HIGH HEELS IN THE HEAVENS A Science Fiction Bondage Thriller. Facsimile, risograph reprint published by Vasta Editions, 2019 in an edition of 100 copies; 5 x 7", 44 pages + covers. Book #002 in the Vasta Editions Eros Series. Originally published in 1955, a Black Slipper Publication, location unknown.

High Heels In The Heavens is illustrated in all its sci-fi, comic book, fetish ʻzine-ness, by one of the greats of the genre, Gene Bilbrew, aka Eneg. A fantastic tale, featuring two strippers on their way to a show date who are kidnapped by an alien, Thork, Ambassador of the Galaxies. He arrives in a flying saucer along with Chata, his assistant, abducts Winnie and Betty who are transported to a far away galaxy. A wonderful, kinky, extra terrestrial tale featuring damsels in distress, aliens, a giant robot and ... high heels!

From the introduction: Gene Bilbrew (1923-1974) was an illustrator, active from the mid-1950s through out the 1960s and early 1970s. He was prolific, known for his bondage, s/m, fetish and transgender creations for Irving Klaw, Exotique and Selbee Publications as well as a countless number of sleaze paperback covers. He was an African American with a style that became especially distinct in his later work, leaning heavily towards fetishism and femme domme characters. HHITH is a rare, very early work and one of the best in his 1950s style. He died, ironically, of a heart attack in the back of Times Square adult bookstore.

This facsimile combines the two editions of this rare publication found in the Vasta archives. The illustrations and texts of the two editions are the same. However, they differ in format as well as the choice of paper color. Our recreation, 64 years hence, is to the slightly larger version with blue covers and yellow pages and to the smaller format version for the size.

Facsimile edition with adherence to the format, the color of the covers and pages and to the ink color for the covers. 5 x 7" publication, 44 pages, softcovers, risograph, saddle stitched (staple binding); edition of 100 copies, ©Vasta Editions, 2019.